New album Aphrodite out now! / finalist at Grand Prix of the Netherlands / Musica vagabunda / 200+ festival shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Czechia, Germany and The United Kingdom

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Zorita are a raucous rousing rabble. The band’s bohemian music boasts an eclectic mixture of instruments like the accordion, trumpet and violin. In combination with bass, drums and guitars, as well as frontman Carlos Zorita Diaz’ raw voice, this creates a completely unique sound. Boldly blending influences from South America, the Mediterranean, Balkan and Folk music, an evening with Zorita is guaranteed to breathe life into any party. In their own words, the eight musicians of Zorita describe their well-oiled ragtag collection of instruments, styles and personalities as ‘Musica Vagabunda’.


In December 2017 Zorita launched a new album 'Aphrodite' with a show in a fully packed Paradiso, Amsterdam. They continue exploring new styles, adding pop, psychedelica and rum-soaked voodoo to the mix.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2009, Zorita impressed judges and audiences in the finals of competitions like ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ and the ‘Amsterdamse Popprijs’. In the Popronde, Zorita wowed audiences nationwide.


The past years saw these seasoned musicians play dozens of festivals like Zwarte Cross (NL), Fiesta Mundial (BE), Copacobana (BE), Oerol (NL), Lowlands (NL) and Boomtown Fair (GB).

“A very tight band mastering over 30 instruments and a plethora of styles. Their versatility means I’m not afraid to label this as World music, though this doesn’t mean salsa, son or soukous: this is world music from Western Europe. And it’s terrifyingly impressive!” —Rootstime


“Amor Y Muerte could – if you really try hard! – still be characterized as world music, but Aphrodite defies this label. Zorita has matured as a band with an unique sound: great songs, arranged by eight musicians with a surplus in taste and imagination.” —Enola (7,5/10)


“An entrancing group hailing from Amsterdam, whose music interweaves Mediterranean, South American, and Gypsy folk music with their Dutch roots to create something spectacular. Despite appearing on the bill early on Friday afternoon, Zorita defied the heat to whip the crowd into a frenzy of whirling limbs and raucous laughter.”Getintothis


 “Amor Y Muerte: lethaly dancable”—Indie Style (****)


“The beginning of the Clint Eastwood film “High Plains Drifter” begins a lot like this album—spooky music, mystical imagery and then shifting on to a western styled story and music. The one change here is that it goes a little more south with Spanish guitar flair and blasts of brass spicing things up ‘south of the border’.”—Folkworld


“Close to You has a beautiful emotion and tension”—Music in Belgium (****½)


Visit www.zorita.nl for more information.